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Forced Induction


HKS GT Supercharger In addition to the advantages of the traditional supercharger, HKS developed a new product GT SUPERCHARGER which eliminated the disadvantages, such as "jam at high rpm", "dimensions and weight of the device" and “mechanical noise". It has achieved both environmental friendly performance and power. It's the next generation system of supercharger.Because the supercharger uses the crankshaft rotation to generate power, it doesn’t need modification from the exhaust like that of the turbocharger, which result in better exhaust gas purification thus leading to performance and acceleration improvements at low to mid RPM.


HKS Turbo Charger There were many famous turbines in HKS' History. We have been optimizing these turbines for all makes for many years and with other necessary parts we made tuning kit for small tune-ups to super high-power tune-ups. HKS' turbine kit can fulfill every one of your desires. Our turbine kit is developed under all tough situations such as street or motor sport competition. We have tested in all situations of environmental driving and have collected the data. All these exploitations have lead us to develop world's best tuning turbine kit.