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Intake Systems

HKS Intake tuning technology gives users to have more power by reducing the air pressure for intake process. HKS Intake series are designed for each vehicle that these new vehicle has highly complicated computerized system, therefore we analyze the system make the what’s most efficient for engine to response best for the air it get at a safe level. The following sections highlight the various HKS intake options.

Super Power Flow R Logo Super Power Flow R

Ambient exposure type air cleaner has larger area of induction inlet that increases intake air volume. Engine horsepower and torque will be more than panel filters. Without air cleaner box, intake sound will be sporty.

Super Power Flow R Diagram

Racing Suction Logo Racing Suction

Racing Suction Flow Diagram Vehicle specific suction pipe design. Angle and length of pipe are for enhanced induction efficiency. It is effective for quick response for NA engines and higher performance for turbocharged engines.

Racing Suction Diagram

GTR Suction GT Suction

Variable suction enables well-modulated sound between a factory suction and Racing Suction. "GT SUCTION" is a variable intake system to suit driving conditions.

Butterfly valve is operated by a vacuum actuator for reliable and accurate control. The EVC-GT controls valve opening between 1000-5500rpm.

By setting the valve programming correctly, performance is equivalent to Racing Suction. Valve holder is included for simply and tidy mounting. EVC-GT installation harness is available separately.

* SUPER HYBRID FILTER is not included.

HKS Premium Suction Premium Suction Kits

Aluminum suction pipe and Super Hybrid Filter reduces intake resistance and enables quick response.

  • Aluminum pipe appeals in engine compartment.
  • Material and layout of suction pipe are changed to reduce resistance against intake air.
  • Newly developed Non-woven fabric collects large dust and polyurethane filter collects small dust. Thus HKS Super Hybrid Filter's 3 layers are made of different materials and functions to meet requirement for sport filter that need to balance quick response and long life.
HKS Premium Suction Graph