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Spark Plugs

super-fire-racing-plugs HKS Super Fire Racing M Series Plug

Spark Plug Application Guide

Improved ignition performance, durability and anticarbon build-up. The Ultimate sparkspark plug for increasing performance of tuned or stock engines.


HKS Spark Plugs

HKS Plugs ignite faster for the best fuel efficiency and the best performance in all situations and environments. It’s very important to provide safe and stable ignition for the engine to perform at maximum power. HKS Super Fire Racing plug is the best plug for extreme racing driving and also works well for normal tunes.

Ignitionability, durability, anti-insulation all reinforced. HKS has made the best plug for both tuning and normal engines.

M Series Plug Diagram

M JIS Type
M-i ISO Type
M-RE Rotary Type
M-G G Type
M-X X Type
M-XL XL Type
M-HL Screw is the same size of the M-XL Series and Plug Wrench Size of 14mm
M-LF For Matsuda Conical Seat Type