The S2000 is an ideal Japanese sports car.
Its engine performance and handling are outstanding even after all these years. 
Turn your S2000 into something truly special with HKS technology.




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HKS Parts for Honda S2000 (AP1, AP2)


Code No. Product Price AP1 AP2 Comment
32023-AH001 Super Sound Master $2,350 Yes Yes  
32016-AH028 Hi-Power SPEC-L $1,200 Yes Yes  
32016-AH004 Silent Hi-Power $1,200 Yes Yes  
32003-AH007 Hi-Power409 $799 Yes Yes  
32701-BH001 RACING MUFFLER $649 Yes Yes  
33002-AH001 Stainless Exhaust Manifold $1,475 Yes Yes  
33005-AH002 Metal Catalyzer $1,115 Yes No  
33005-AH004 $980 No Yes  




80250-AH001 MAX IV SP $1,800 Yes Yes  
80230-AH001 MAX IV GT $1,450 Yes Yes  





44009-AK002 OB-LINK TYPE-001 $198 Yes Yes  





12001-AH006 GT Supercharger Pro Kit $4,725 Yes Yes  




26010-AH002 LA Clutch $1,850 Yes Yes  




52009-AK005 Oil Filter $22 Yes Yes  





Super Fire Racing M-i Series

$23.97 Yes


Equivalent to stock

hear range #7