New FRS/86/BRZ GTIII Turbo Pro Kit!

GTIII Bolt On Turbo Pro Kit for your FRS/86/BRZ is debuting in North America.

Product 11001-KT001     MSRP $4,800


GTIII turbos use lightweight impellors with optimized wastegate ports and valve sizing. Actuator spring rate is optimized for each vehicle.


 The FRS/86/BRZ version uses the latest MHI center cartridge and the billet impellor design allows for high boost at low speeds without suriging. Housings are machined by HKS for high durability.


For stock or tuned engines. Output can reach upto 450hp on a tuned engine.


Kit includes:

- GTIII-RS turbocharger with acutator

- Oil and water piping

- Super Power Flow & Suction pipe

- Front mount intercooler and piping

- Exhaust manifold and cat-less extension

- Heat cover & Heat Sheet

- Gasket, brackets, bolts etc.


Recently this kit was entered in the DSPORT 86 Challenge 2018 presented by Eneos.


Contact an HKS auhorized dealer for purchasing information.


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11001-KT001 USAb.jpg


11001-KT001 Supplementary Info USA.jpg