New MAX IV GT suspension for Civic Si



The HKS daily drive HIPERMAX IV suspension
is now available the Civic Si

Product# 80230-KH001      MSRP $2,080


This single tube, 30 way adjustable, coilover suspension is ideal for your daily commute. 

Maintain the factory ride feeling while reducing body roll and making the drive more fun.


The reinforced rubber upper mount allows for a more direct steering response. 

It includes an adjustment dial which can change the damping force without needing to lift the car.

The camber position can be adjusted by 0.5° by removing the provided camber positioning bolt.


Available for both the Civic Si Sedan and Coupe. Overhaul is available.

Error message appears when installed. Error Canceler is now on sale 45012-AH001.

Or you can buy it as a kit 80230-KH001C for MSRP $2,480, a $100 savings.


Contact an HKS authorized dealer for purchase information.


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max4gtsi3-2.jpgmax4gtsi5-2.jpgmax4gtsi4-2.jpgmax4gtsi0-2.jpg max4gtsi1-2.jpgmax4gtsi2-2.jpg