New MAX IV SP suspension for FK8

The sport version of the HIPERMAX IV
suspension now available for the Type-R

Product# 80250-AH003      MSRP $2,480


This single tube, 30 way adjustable, coilover sport suspension is ideal for track and

high speed driving. It provides increased radial grip and spring rate and reduces body roll.


The front single tube inverted type suspension keeps things rigid and secures stroke quantity.

The rear shock body length adjustable type keeps things comfortable and reduces unsprung weight.

It includes an adjustment dial which can change the damping force without needing to lift the car.


Error message appears when installed. Error Canceler is now on sale 45012-AH001 MSRP $500.

Or purchase it as a kit 80250-AH003C and save $100.


Contact an HKS authorized dealer for purchase information.


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