GT2 Supercharger Pro Kit MX-5 (ND)

Product #12001-KZ001   MSRP $5,900.00


The New Mazda MX-5 continues the philosophy of a historic lightweight sports car that existed for a very long time. HKS recommends superchargers as a power-up menu for cars with N/A engines. HKS had already succeeded in power-up of N/A engines such as the 350Z , S2000 and CR-Z.The MX-5 power-up menu also uses HKS GT2 supercharger to make comfortable yet exciting sports driving possible.


This kit includes all necessary hardware components for a complete installation.

This kit does require the use of an aftermarket battery with smaller exterior dimensions (such as an Odyssey PC680), and for this purpose we have prepared battery mount kits at HKS USA which we will provide free of charge. Please contact us to arrange the shipment of a battery mount kit as necessary.

This kit does not include any ECU calibration components and will require a separate tuning tool for operation such as EcuTek. In any case that a ECU re-calibration product is used – tuning should be performed by an authorized dealer of the product.