Tokyo Auto Salon 2022


HKS Co.,Ltd. is going to exhibit at "Tokyo Auto Salon 2022" which will be held at Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan from January 14, 2022 thru January 16, 2022. 


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HKS Racing Performer GR 86_1.jpg

HKS Racing Performer GR86


Exhibit Details:

We will exhibit numerous new products for the 2nd generation GR86/BRZ, including "HKS Racing Performer GR86" equipped with our original wide body kit, which is going to be presented to public for the first time.


In addition, we will exhibit the CFRP Intake System and Dual Wall Exhaust Manifold prototypes from the Advanced Heritage RB26 Concept project, which is a concept model for the 2nd generation Skyline GT-R announced at the Virtual Auto Salon last year.


We will also exhibit wide variety of products that are under development such as the F-con V-pro Ver.5, which is our 5th generation V-Pro.


CFRP Intake System, and Dual Wall Exhaust Manifold for RB26.jpg

CFRP Intake System and Dual Wall Exhaust Manifold


F-CON V Pro Ver5.png

F-con V-Pro Ver.5


Although it would be difficult to attend TAS2022 from North America for this year again due to re-expansion of COVID-19 cases, we are going to hold our virtual auto salon booth for the people who cannot join us in person, like last year.


Even if you cannot come to visit us to the site, we guarantee you can enjoy our exhibit as if you were at the site. For your full experience of the showcase of our new products, please join us from the link below.


HKS Premium Salon Online


Starting date: January 17, 2022 (Japan time)